Keep the same system to avoid contact between teachers, students, and staff.

▪ You must always wear a mask

▪ The maximum number per class will be 5 students

▪ It will be a single teacher per class

▪ We will have a single assistant to cover the needs of the classes and lunch time

▪ They will not be able to enter any other room. you are only allowed to enter your assigned room

▪ Only the assistant teacher may enter their class area with the precautions determined by the CDC

▪ Each teacher will be responsible for cleaning their own room. This includes preparing the product required by the CDC every day, it loses its effect after every 24 hours.

▪ Teachers will be responsible for washing used or shared toys every day

▪ The assistant teacher will constantly supporting disinfect:

▪ Face shield

Doorknobs and handles

▪ Stair rails

▪ Light switches

▪ Handles on equipment (e.g., athletic equipment)

▪ Shared remote controls

▪ Shared telephones

▪ Shared desktops

▪ Push-buttons on vending machines and elevators

All activities will be sent by mail to the assistant teacher for printing, this includes requests for materials