We would like to share some important practices that we will be applying while we are in Phase I protocols. We will update you when these procedures change.

Face masks

It is mandatory for all students, and staff members to wear a face mask. Face shields will be provided for students that have difficulty wearing a face mask.

Lunch kit

Parents have to provide their child with food as the school does not provide food. However, if the parent forgets to bring the child’s lunch, an assistant from the school will be sent to get lunch for the child as late lunch drop-offs or deliveries will not be accepted. The parents will be charged on whatever amount was spent on the child’s lunch.


The school will not accept deliveries at this time. This includes student lunches as well as any other items.


At this point in time, visitors will not be permitted on the school premises. If you need to meet with someone at the school, please schedule an appointment ahead of time.


Unfortunately for the time being, parents will not be allowed on the school premises, only in the event of an emergency. We would like to keep our students and staff safe by limiting the amount of people inside the building.


During Phase I, walk-in appointments will no longer be permitted. Please schedule an appointment ahead of time.


Along with Phase 1, children are required to practice putting on and taking off their own face mask, washing hands correctly, tying their shoes and opening and closing containers.


As part of the protocol, children will not be allowed to share toys. Toys will be played with every second day and washed by the teacher that same day, leaving it to air dry overnight.

Class Ratio

The maximum number per class will be 5 students. It will be a single teacher per class. We will have a single assistant to cover the needs of the classes as well as lunch times.

Students and teachers will not be able to enter any other room, except their assigned classroom. Only the assistant teacher will be allowed to enter the class area with the precautions determined by the CDC.