1. Do I need to provide school supplies?

Every child has been provided with their own stationery kit in each classroom.

2. Will we be making use of ZOOM?

All constructive teaching will be done in class, face to face. If necessary, a parent-teacher meeting will be held through ZOOM.

3. Is there a possibility for the teachers to change rooms?

Unfortunately not. All teachers are to remain in the classroom that they have been allocated to for safety concerns. Our goal at this point is to keep our students and teachers as safe as possible, and that includes reducing interaction with other classes. However, we will be making use of technology, such as the television in each classroom, making it possible for the children to still have a well thorough lesson by another educator via ZOOM.

4. How will attendance be taken?

As soon as the staff member clears the student to enter the school after a temperature check, the assistant will clock your child in, as well as clock them out at the end of the day.

5. How many children will there be in a classroom?

There will be five students in each class, one teacher, and a rotating teacher or assistant.

6. Does every student have their own desk?

Unfortunately, not, they will be sharing with another student, and we will be frequently sanitizing each desk in between. However, each student will have their own stationery.

7. How are classes going to be disinfected?

Each classroom is supplied with hand sanitizer and desk wipes.  Students are required to use hand sanitizer and wipe down their workstation at the beginning and at the end of every class.  The staff will clean all classrooms including desktops at the end of the day

8. Is the air being disinfected too?

The Maintenance and Operations team is in the process of replacing air filters in buildings.

9. Will EOTRK which products will be used to clean?

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are available upon request.  Chemicals and cleaning products used by the District are highly effective against the Coronavirus as well as many other viruses.

10. EOTRK you provide the mask?

We will provide the first face shield for the children. The masks will remain in the facilities and will be disinfected by the staff and with a special protocol.  In addition, EOTRK maintains an inventory of surgical, re-useable masks and face shields.

11. Will there be extra masks on hand for children who either do not have masks or lose
their masks?

Campuses will have extra disposable masks for students/staff who forget to wear their personal facial covering or face shield

12. How many times will you clean in the day?

The building are cleaned throughout the instructional day with an emphasis on cleaning high traffic and multiple touch areas, including door handles, restrooms, light switch, tables and chairs

13. What happens if a child or teacher gets sick?

In case of a confirmed COVID-19 among students and staff . In the event your student’s campus is impacted, parents and staff receive an email with an update no later than 5 p.m. on the day the COVID-19 case is reported. Every report of a COVID-19 positive is examined and investigated to ensure the mitigation of spread occurs. Work sites and campuses that sustain a threshold of positives per the COVID-19 mitigation stages may result in a partial or total closure of the school until the site is thoroughly sanitized and disinfected.

Please Note: Return to School procedures and protocols are subject to change as updated guidance is provided by the TEA, CDC and the governing authorities and county health officials.

Eagles on the Rock Academy wants to kindly thank you for your cooperation during this time. We sincerely appreciate it.