Morning Arrival Procedures

Teachers and other staff members arrive at their duty station and classrooms to receive children at 8:00 am, please ensure that your child arrives at school between 8:00am and 8:50am. As part of the new protocol, parents will not be permitted to enter the school, unless in the case of an emergency. Parents are to escort their child to the front of the school entrance, from there, the child’s temperature will be checked, hands are to be sanitized, and then escorted by an assistant to their assigned classroom. Every child's temperature will be recorded or documented for that particular day.

Afternoon Dismissal Procedures

In the afternoon, parents are to receive their child between 3:00pm and 3:30pm. We will extend our dismissal time for the latest to 4pm for parents unable to make it on time. As part of our protocol, parents are to wait at the entrance of the school to get their child.
Once the parent arrives, the child will be escorted from their classroom to their parent by an assistant.
Please notify the school if any other arrangements have been made for someone else to collect your child.

Car Riders

As per usual, parents are permitted to park in the front row parking lot closest to the entrance of the school, ensuring a safe arrival and departure for the child.